Mid Century Bathroom Marvel by Renovating Mates

Mid Century Bathroom Marvel by Renovating Mates

Allambi House is a stunning renovation project that showcases the passion and expertise of Eddie and Perri Beith, the proud owners and directors of  Beith Building and Developments Pty Ltd, a family business that specializes in high-end renovations and new builds on the Gold Coast. With over 10 years of experience in the renovation industry, this is their 17th renovation project, and it holds a special place in their hearts because of its uniqueness.

Eddie is a qualified builder of 13 years and, alongside their dedicated team, he and Perri have a passion for bringing high-end renovations and new builds to life. They are known for their high end renovations and new builds, and Allambi House is no exception. It took six months to complete, and during this time, they poured so much love and creativity into creating a home that was completely outside the box.

The main bathroom in the house was a significant focus of the renovation. Eddie and Perri needed to include both a bathtub and a shower in their design, and they faced the challenge of limited space. They found inspiration online to design a fully tiled bath, but they needed the right tiles to create a funky retro feel. They ultimately chose the Manhattan Avocado 75x150 Subway Tile and Cottage Ivory 75x150 Gloss Subway Tile, which contrasted well with each other and provided a unique earthy color that was perfect for their design.

Eddie and Perri are thrilled with the end result. The bathroom is both calming and funky, and most importantly, very functional. The room boasts all the beautiful features of a classic mid-century home while still feeling very modern and luxurious. They are delighted to have been able to create a unique property that challenges them both personally and professionally.

Eddie and Perri are passionate about sharing their love for renovating with others, and they frequently post updates on their Instagram account @Renovatingmates. They love to keep their followers informed about their projects and inspire others to get creative with their own renovations. 

Allambi House is a testament to their dedication and expertise in the renovation industry, and it is a beautiful example of what can be achieved with passion, creativity, and hard work.



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Designed and built by Beith Building and Developments Pty Ltd

Photography by Kristian Van Der Beek

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