Create Warmth and Interest with Zoning in the Bathroom

Create Warmth and Interest with Zoning in the Bathroom - Tile Lane

Zoning (like colour blocking but not necessarily using colour) is a technique which breaks up individual rooms into different areas based on function. In the same sense as layering, this technique is used to create interest and add a sense of depth and individuality to a space.

To achieve this look, rather than thinking about your bathroom as one entire space, you need consider the unique functions of each zone. Tiling is used to highlight the individual zones which are linked to the overall space by some form of continuity. This could be achieved, for example, using the floor tiles, accents or tapware.

Choosing zones can be as literal to the function as you like, for example you could individualise the vanity zone, the bathing zone and the toileting zone or you could simply separate the zones of function from the circulation space. You can choose to highlight just one function, or as many as you like.


Zones can be highlighted using colour, tile patterns, textures or a combination of these. The segmentation can be as subtle or as obvious as you choose.

Zoning can give the perception of space due to the way in which it compartmentalises each area and encourages the brain to create separations. Rather than viewing the room in its entirety, each zoned area encourages people to see it as an individual space.

Zoning is also great for way-finding and, if implemented correctly, this technique can assist people with visual impairments or dementia to maintain their independence. It is a great design option to consider if you are looking to update your bathroom to assist you into old age.



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