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Design for Wellbeing - Tile Lane

Biophilia is the term that describes our innate connection to our surrounding environment. It has been scientifically proven that being outdoors – or even just enjoying views of natural environments improves our physical and psychological wellbeing.

It is becoming more and more evident that our built environments (the indoors spaces which we live and work) are having a greater negative impact on our health and wellbeing. There are many reasons for this; from spaces being devoid of natural elements (sometimes even natural light and ventilation), toxic gases and tailings given off from building products and fittings, to psychological influences like spaces that encourage us to stay indoors, stagnant and withdrawn; which in essence, makes us unhealthy and unhappy.


Building codes and guidelines are now being implemented and/or improved to tackle this on a larger scale but we can improve our own indoor spaces and ensure we are making healthy choices by taking into consideration the following:

  • Choose natural materials where practical and if not, choose finishes and textures that closely replicate natural materials
  • Use colours and textures that remind us of our natural environments like the lush greens of healthy vegetation
  • Choose finishes that have no or low toxic emissions
  • Introduce indoor plants
  • Open windows and doors as often as possible to allow for natural ventilation
  • Learn about passive heating and cooling principles and see where you can implement some of these in your own home.
  • Be conscious about the products you are choosing, ask questions like what is it made of, where has it come from, what effects could this have on my health? And another one I like to consider is: what will happen to this product once I’m finished with it? (As we are only as healthy as the environment that we live in.)

Tiles are a great option to consider for a healthy space. Tiles have no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and can give the experience of a natural texture, especially if chosen in a natural colour. They have a long lifespan and are hard wearing; are easy to clean and can be maintained without the use of harsh chemicals.

Darker coloured tiles used on floors or walls that have access to direct sunlight in the winter months can be used as a passive design tool by absorbing the sun’s warmth during the day and expelling it at night to keep your home warmer.


About the author: Jo Scott

Billy Hoo Studio was founded in 2015 by Interior Designer, Jo Scott. Jo has over 10 years experience in interiors including multiple residential, commercial and retail design projects across Australia as well as a solid background in Australian manufacturing and product development within the building industry. In addition to Interior Design, Jo has completed studies in Holistic Counselling and Building Design to further enhance her approach.

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