Waroona Project: Creating a Stylish Yet Budget-Friendly Holiday Home

Waroona Project: Creating a Stylish Yet Budget-Friendly Holiday Home

Embarking on the creation of a holiday home that embodies both comfort and style on a budget is a challenging yet rewarding journey. For one Perth resident, this dream turned into reality near the serene surroundings of Waroona, Western Australia. Surrounded by the lush State Forest, a bespoke holiday home emerged as a sanctuary for relaxation and creativity.

Home Among the Trees

Leaving behind a cherished family holiday home in Victoria, Alix and her partner’s quest for a new retreat began. With a clear vision and a limited budget, the search led to an idyllic spot where the dream of owning a unique home away from home could flourish. Inspired by container homes, a custom kit was designed, marking the first step towards creating a getaway that was both funky and functional.

Having previously renovated their gorgeous but character-full city home, Alix and her partner sought to infuse their country cabin with light and simplicity without compromising on aesthetics. The result is a dwelling that not only reflects her partner’s meticulous craftsmanship of building restoration, but also Alix’ creative spirit of a performing artist. This blend of talents ensured the holiday home was a vibrant yet cozy space ideal for writing and artistic endeavours.

A Design Palette Inspired by Nature

Choosing a dark blue exterior allowed the home to be in harmony with the surrounding trees, establishing a seamless connection with nature. The interior showcases a playful use of colours, with distinct schemes for each level - green and pink upstairs, alongside blue and red downstairs.

At the heart of the design concept was the colour green, a nod to the enveloping forest. This theme was beautifully introduced through the Metro Light Green Wave subway splashback tiles in the kitchen, complemented by matching green stools. To balance the vibrant green, a subtle light grey was chosen to soften the overall palette.

Alix was thrilled to have found two similar floor tiles in Heritage Iris and Heritage Tulip that could bridge the aesthetic gap between the two stories of the home, weaving in the dark blue of the exterior into the interior design. This continuity was further enhanced in the ensuite and bathroom with the strategic use of Evolution Sea Blue Gloss subway tiles, adding a touch of elegance to the spaces.

Working with a skilled tiler lead to the decision to extend the tiling behind the toilet and vanity ensuring a cohesive and polished look, bringing the thoughtful attention to detail that characterizes the entire project.

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