Collaroy Project: Transforming an Old Office Block into a Coastal Haven

Collaroy Project: Transforming an Old Office Block into a Coastal Haven

In the heart of Sydney’s Northern Beaches, a remarkable transformation has taken place, turning an old office block into a stunning residential apartment. This project, commissioned by a Sydneysider family for their beachside visits to Collaroy, showcases the power of trust, creativity, and the perfect tile selection. At Tile Lane, we were honored to bring their coastal dream to life, relying on nothing more than samples shared via phone pictures. The result? A breathtaking coastal-themed residence that speaks volumes of light, harmony, and the sea's serene beauty.

Collaroy Project

A Brief with a Sea Breeze

The client’s brief was clear: infuse their new residence with a coastal look that resonates with the tranquility of the nearby beach. Embracing this vision, Tile Lane selected a palette of light colours accentuated with touches of blue and aqua. The design was anchored in light stone finishes, with playful beachy shapes, such as fish scales, adding character to the space. This approach not only met the client's expectations but also set a new standard for coastal living design.

Collaroy Project

The Palette: A Symphony of Tiles

The selection of tiles played a pivotal role in achieving the desired aesthetic. Here’s a closer look at the choices that made this transformation a success:

  • Berlin White: Chosen as the main tile throughout the apartment, its subtle stone finish complements the light, airy feel of the coastal theme. Berlin White tiles offer a clean backdrop that's engaging without overwhelming, perfectly embodying the project's ethos.

  • Santorini Sky Blue: For the kitchen splashback, the Gretch family desired a departure from the all-white theme, falling in love with the mesmerizing hue of Santorini Sky Blue. This choice injected a vibrant yet soothing element into the kitchen, reminiscent of clear, sunny skies.

  • Crystal White Fish Scales: To incorporate the desired fish scale motif, Crystal White Fish Scales tiles were used, adding texture and thematic depth to the bathroom areas. These tiles achieve a balance of visual interest and subtlety, enhancing the coastal vibe without cluttering the space.

  • Kyoto Light Green Kit Kat Mosaics: Continuing the theme of cool blues and greens, Kyoto Light Green tiles were selected to further harmonize with the coastal palette, bringing a refreshing and calming presence into the home.

  • Circa Penny Round Dark Blue Mosaics: In the laundry area, Penny Round Dark Blue tiles make a striking statement. This choice adds a pop of deep oceanic color, infusing character and a unique flair that elevates the functional space into a design feature.

Collaroy Project

Collaroy Project

A Coastal Transformation

This transformation of an old office block into a residential masterpiece is a testament to the power of imaginative design and strategic tile selection. By marrying light colours with strategic pops of blue, aqua, and green, the apartment now stands as a beacon of coastal elegance and comfort. It's a place where the client and their family can immerse themselves in the tranquility of beachside living, surrounded by designs that reflect the beauty of their beloved Collaroy beach. This project not only achieved its brief but also set a new benchmark for coastal interior design, proving that with the right team and vision, any space can be transformed into a haven of serenity and style.

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