How to Achieve a Timeless Bathroom Design

How to Achieve a Timeless Bathroom Design - Tile Lane

If timelessness is what you are hoping to achieve in your bathroom design, there are two colour palettes that have proven to be the most widely acceptable; muted natural tones or monochrome colour schemes. Each palette can be accented with natural, local timber tones (where using timber) and chrome tapware.

The reason why these two schemes are most appealing to us actually comes down to psychology. We are most likely to be comfortable in environments that are familiar to us and that do not evoke strong emotional responses. Colour is a very personal experience, what one person loves another may detest.


Timelessness is about appealing to the masses now and into the future, we do that by choosing colours and features that are familiar and will most likely continue to be familiar. Muted naturals are familiar because they are the colours that stay consistent throughout the cycles of life, sand, stone, earth, raw timber, etc.

Monochromatic colours are widely accepted due to the fact that they are the least likely to evoke a strong emotional response being at either end of the colour spectrum, one being devoid of all colour and the other being a mix of all colour; with grey, a mixture of the two, being neutral. These are also likely to be the most consistent colours for fixtures and fittings; like basins, toilets, baths and tapware, into the future.




In addition to colour, structure should also be familiar. Try to keep shapes to simple geometrics that are synonymous with the item you are choosing, for example with tiles you should stick to squares, rectangles or penny rounds. Other shapes tend to trend in and out and in doing so would work against a timeless aesthetic.

Does this mean I think all homes should be muted or monochrome? Absolutely not – We are a big fan of colour and strongly believe a home should be a reflection of its inhabitants. If the house is an investment or one you plan to part ways with in the future then it’s definitely worth considering a timeless design but if you plan to stay in your home for the foreseeable future then it should reflect your own personal tastes.



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