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Mosaics as Splashback - Tile Lane

To protect your walls against moisture or cooking debris, you need a good splashback. Tiles are one of the best materials to use but for something little bit special, the modern mosaic tiles that are available are exactly what you need.

A splashback can be defined as a material that is placed on the wall in order to protect it against moisture, splashes of food, grease, oils, steam or other debris. They are mostly found in kitchens but are also very useful in bathrooms, laundries or any other wet areas.  As well as protecting the walls, splashbacks can be an important design element, as they add that extra flair to a room.

Choosing zones can be as literal to the function as you like, for example you could individualise the vanity zone, the bathing zone and the toileting zone or you could simply separate the zones of function from the circulation space. You can choose to highlight just one function, or as many as you like.


Mosaic Splashbacks

For something a little bit different in the kitchen, you can’t go past the modern mosaic tiles that are now available in myriad of colours, textures and material combinations. These mosaics create a true design statement, offering a look that ranges from elegant traditional through to super stylish ultra modern.

Mosaic tiles are available in a huge range of materials, colours, patterns, and textures. One of the most popular of the new “modern mosaics” is glass mosaic tiles. These are beautiful and can create a huge range of looks. Because different options are available, you are not limited to boring choices. There are gorgeous and vibrant colours and amazing textures allowing you to create a splashback that perfectly melds with your colour scheme.

Fixing Mosaics

Contrary to popular belief, mosaic tiles are not hard to install either. Most mosaics come sheeted with mesh backing so it is very quick and easy to install.

Keeping Clean

Mosaic tiles are also easy to keep clean. However extra care must be taken when it comes to the grout so that the grout doesn’t stain. Using multi purpose spray and clean cloth should take care of the job.



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