Stylish and Practical Bathrooms by The Flipping Co

Stylish and Practical Bathrooms by The Flipping Co

We are proud to once again be a part of The Flipping Co's magnificent recent project.

As bespoke bathroom renovation specialists, the team at The Flipping Co was tasked with designing and constructing a main bathroom for a young couple looking to start a family. The couple wanted a bathroom that was both stylish and practical, with a design that would grow with their needs.

The team worked closely with the clients to ensure their needs and preferences were met, creating a space that was both modern and timeless. They took inspiration from the fluted design, blending trendy and classic elements to create a soft modern look that wouldn't feel dated in the years to come. 

For this project The Flipping Co designed an ensuite bathroom as well as the main bathroom for the client. Both bathrooms were designed to be cohesive with functionality and practicality in mind, with warm vanities and simple yet striking tile choices. 

When it came to tile selection, the team chose a combination of Kyoto White Kit Kat Gloss Mosaic Tile to echo the fluted design of the cabinets. The clean lines work well together creating the symmetry and harmony that the clients were looking for in their bathroom design. The glossy finish of the tiles adds a subtle yet works as a texture feature to the space.

The team also incorporated Roma Parade 300x600 tiles to complement the clean and modern aesthetic of the space. The neutral tones of the tiles provide a grounded look to create a calm and serene atmosphere, perfect for unwinding after a long day. The tiles were carefully chosen to blend in with the overall design, yet still make a statement in their own right.

Overall, the team at The Flipping Co demonstrated their expertise in bespoke home renovation, creating a stylish and practical bathroom design that met the needs of their clients. From the tile selection to the warm vanities and overall design, every element of the space was carefully considered to ensure it was both functional and beautiful. We are proud to have been a part of this magnificent project, and we look forward to continuing to work with The Flipping Co to create stunning home renovations for their clients.

Designed by The Flipping Co

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